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Energy Frameworks is the leading provider of software designed and developed exclusively for the Retail Energy Market. Our products join together brokers, suppliers, utilities, energy managers, and their clients to streamline the energy procurement process. By getting the players together on one platform, we are able to achieve efficiencies not otherwise possible.
Our company mission is to be on the cutting edge of the energy industry in order to develop state-of-the-art technology solutions.
Energy Frameworks CEO Nate Richards has built his career around the energy and technology industries. Tapping into the experience from these two industries, he has shepherded the development of the Energy Frameworks products. This development has been in collaboration with brokers, suppliers, and energy managers to make sure our products include features that help our business partners excel!

What Our Clients Are Saying

The combination of the CORE system’s accounting, CRM, and tracking allows us to utilize a single system instead of manipulating spreadsheets and manually determining receivables. The errors avoided by an automated system have allowed us to find more than $300,000 in the past two years alone that at best would have been delayed and at worst might have been missed completely

Michael Harris United Energy