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Manage Your Business

The old management adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” still applies today.

Keep Track of KPIs and Metrics

CORE helps you measure and answer key business questions to help you better manage your business. Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

Who are my prospects?

Each account is identified as a prospect, lead, or client.  Prospects can be tagged to be reported together and/or assigned to sales people.  Prospects can be loaded from your website or from a list you may obtain from another source.

Measure and manage with CORE reports

CORE includes dozens of reports. Reports include information about your sales pipeline, salesperson production, account activity, upcoming renewals, key performance indicators, etc, etc, etc. If we do not already have a report to answer one of your questions, our ad-hoc reporting tool gives you a window into your data to pull out the information you need.

What is my cash flow forecast?

CORE accounts for many different options for supplier payment schedules. 50% on switch and residual starting at contract midpoint? 100% on sign and 10% discount? No problem! CORE graphically forecasts, by supplier, your cash flow for each of the coming 12 months, based on the supplier payment schedules.

Who are my best sales reps?

Which ones sign the biggest deals? Who generates the most revenue? Which ones may need training or coaching?CORE’s crm keeps track of your sales activities – phone calls, emails, LOA’s, meetings. You decide what you want to track and we provide the details for your analysis.

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