What is the Retail Energy Cloud?

Break free from spreadsheets and traditional routine! Experience a new way to work with CORE.

Over a decade ago, at the dawn of modern utility deregulation, we pioneered a highly automated software solution that can systematically optimize the way the retail energy business is run. Traditional retail energy processes require extensive data manipulation and rudimentary analysis, often processed with faxes, emails and monstrous spreadsheets. This tedious analog process is inefficient at best and in some cases, can be a security risk.

The CORE Platform

The CORE platform, which includes CORE, CORE Mobile, CORE Marketplace, and CORE Customer Portal, is cloud-based software professionally hosted by Microsoft Azure

CORE | Retail Energy Sales Cloud Platform

CORE: Collaborative Operations for Retail Energy, is a retail energy sales platform that streamlines the energy procurement process. With user interfaces for brokers, suppliers, energy managers, and their clients, CORE brings everyone together to participate in energy deals. 

CORE | Retail Energy Sales Mobile App

CORE Mobile is an iPhone app that allows you to take CORE on the road with you, letting you access and update your CORE sales information while you are in front of the customer. Access your CORE database and do a number of things while on the go.

CORE | Marketplace for Retail Energy

CORE Marketplace is the supplier user interface that shortens the process of requesting pricing and getting quotes. With each pricing request sent from a broker to a supplier, the supplier is invited to quote the deal through CORE Marketplace.

CORE | Customer Portal “As A Service”

The CORE Customer Portal extends the CORE cloud platform all the way to the energy consumer. With a few clicks, you can customize the portal for your clients to access key information about their energy consumption already stored in the CORE Platform. The portal is a “white label” portal that can be “skinned” to provide a seamless brand experience when users transition from corporate website.