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CORE | Retail Energy Software Platform

Delivering on capabilities for Brokers, Suppliers, Corporate Energy Managers, and even the End User, CORE is the most comprehensive retail energy sales and commissions management platform in the market today.

CORE (“Collaborative Operations for Retail Energy”), is the retail energy sales cloud platform that streamlines the energy procurement and commissions management process. CORE brings everyone together to participate in energy Deals. Each step of the way in a retail energy Deal, from account management, meter management, LOA processing, sales, contracts, commission splits, payment processing, and payment reconciliation, CORE is there to manage the data and provide insights throughout the Deal life cycle. CORE also serves as the data warehouse for all of your Account and Deal data. Accounts, contacts, meters, and contracts are all stored in CORE and always at your fingertips.

Throughout the sales process, CORE provides analytics across the organization, including broker, team, and company level reports. These reports allow retail energy sales stakeholders to track their own performance and allows management to track company performance, drilling down to the individual level as necessary.

CORE | Retail Energy Sales Cloud – Features


Customer Relationship Management

Manage your accounts, contacts, activities, and documents all in one location.


Client-Facing Reporting

Provide professional sales presentations to your prospects through CORE.

Management Reporting

Get a better handle on your business through a series of reports, including sales production, sales pipeline, and activity analysis.

Quote Management

Quote Collection

Allow your suppliers to enter their quotes for you through CORE Marketplace.

Quote Comparison

See all of your quotes on one page to allow you to accurately compare quotes.

Sales Management

Sales Territory Management

CORE can be configured to meet your internal organizational environment. Salespeople can be assigned to teams based on product type, geographical location, home office, or any other organizational structure.

Management Reporting

Get a better handle on your business through a series of reports, including sales production, sales pipeline, and activity analysis.

Usage Management

Usage Detection Management

Automated collection of usage from utilities – either through a direct connection to the utility’s data or through automated data exchange. Automated data error detection alerts you to missing usage values, zero billed/metered demand, and usage spikes above three standard deviations from annual mean.

Financial Management

Cash Flow Forecasting

For each closed deal, you indicate the supplier payment schedule and CORE compiles the information into a Cash Flow Forecast – no more behemoth spreadsheets to try to forecast your revenue! Supplier payment schedules can include up-front and/or recurring, lump sum or percentage, and discounts.

Commission Splitting

You set up the commission structure and CORE does the calculations for you. Commission splits can be configured globally and then overridden on a per-deal basis. CORE supports mil-based and fixed-fee commissions.

Supplier Payment Reconciliation

Each month, when your payments come in, we automate the process to load them into CORE and report where there are missing or incorrect payments.

Accounting Integration

Export information from CORE to report your revenue and pay sales commissions.

Pricing Management


CORE supports all of the common product types – fixed rate, heat rate, and MCPE and presents deal terms in a standardized format that makes direct comparison between providers and deals possible.

Matrix Pricing

Get real-time access to matrix pricing through CORE.

Request for Pricing

Create one transaction to send to all invited suppliers

LOA Management

LOA Workflow Management

Minimize the paper shuffling and time needed to process and track LOA’s by using CORE’s LOA workflow with pre-loaded LOA templates and electronic signature (where allowed). Can be integrated with your eFax account to automatically receive, read, and upload incoming LOA faxes.

CORE: Secure Your Data in the Cloud

The CORE Platform is delivered via a pure Microsoft Azure cloud solution over encrypted data channels. What does that mean in English? No need for you to pay for servers, back up, replication, virus scanning, etc. There is literally no server to maintain, just a reliable back end to the mobile and retail energy web apps.

CORE Database

An industry-standard relational database stores all of your deal-related data in an easy-to access, standardized format. Usage data, forecasts, and pricing information are all stored in a centralized location allowing you to compare deals and deal terms on an equal footing across providers and across customers.

FAX and Email Automation Server

Our fax and email automation server allows you to manage your entire sales process – from LOA generation through contract signing – through CORE. We will fax the LOA template to your customer (or send them a link to a secure portal) and process the reply using barcode technology. The customer’s reply will be automatically processed and sent to the utility, with usage information linked directly back to the customer account. Once the customer agrees to a deal term and provider, CORE can generate the contract request and manage the process of obtaining signatures from all parties and storing the contract for audit purposes.

Retail Energy Customer Portal

The CORE Customer Portal is a “white label” portal that can be converted to look just like a corporate website. The portal helps you provide energy information to prospects and clients, capture new prospects, and provide client-only information to help you stay connected to your clients and give them real-time relevant data about their account, contracts, LOA’s, and targeted market data.

Retail Energy Provider (REP) Services

For Retail Energy Suppliers, ESCOs, the CORE Retail Energy Sales Cloud provides a full suite of Retail Energy CRM, Retail Energy Sales Mobile Apps, Broker Commissions Management solutions.

Deregulated Utility Services

CORE currently supports direct download from select utilities, and more will be added as they add direct-to-broker services to their systems. For utilities that support it, usage information can be downloaded directly into CORE bypassing the need for FAX, email, or a manual upload process.

Retail Energy Back Office System Integration

CORE’s industry-standard relational database back-end and suite of JSON web services allows us to integrate the CORE Retail Energy Sales Cloud with your existing retail energy back office systems, such as Retail Energy Billing, CIS, Energy Load Forecasting, Pricing and Accounting systems.

CRM Integration

CORE’s industry-standard relational database allows us to integrate CORE with your existing CRM. We can synchronize the deal status (LOA status, projected revenue, percent probability of deal close, etc) with your existing CRM system.

Accounting Integration

CORE stores all the information you need to forecast revenue for the duration of a deal. We can help you export revenue forecasts to your existing accounting system, along with automatic sales orders for broker commission and customer invoices.

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