CORE | Customer Portal

Our fully white-labeled retail energy customer portal “as a service” lets you focus on your CORE business.

What is the CORE Customer Portal?

The CORE Customer Portal is a “white label” portal that can be converted to look just like YOUR corporate website

Built Using Universal Web Standards

The CORE Customer Portal Can Help

Provide energy information to prospects and clients

Capture new prospects

Provide client-only information to help you stay connected to your clients and give them real-time relevant data about their account, contracts, LOA’s, and targeted market data.

How would it work for a Broker?

The CORE Customer Portal is used to drive the brand of your company to your customers. In the energy brokerage industry, it can be difficult to brand because the customer has such a strong identity with the supplier from whom he/she receives a bill every month. For this reason, brokerages can benefit from a strategic investment in branding and services to the customer. There is nothing more powerful than branded professional analysis, combined with branded marketing materials in a branded online experience.