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CORE | Retail Energy Mobile App

What if you really could work anywhere?


Take your data on the road with you, and access it when you need it.

Sign LOAs. Sign Contracts. Generate Commissions.


CORE Mobile is an app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (phones and tablets) that allows you to take your retail energy sales data on the road with you.

CORE Mobile lets you access and update your sales information while you are on the beach, or in front of the customer. You can access your full database and do deals on the go, like:

Update Customer Contact Information and Accounts

Add, update, and delete Account and Contact information.  Log activities, check off your “TO-DO list.”

Review Your Energy Deals

Review and update Deals.  You can also add new Deals through the app.

Price Energy Deals That Qualify for Matrix Pricing

Enter information about meter count, product type, estimated annual usage and CORE Mobile searches the available matrix pricing options to give you a price on the spot.

Create and Submit an LOA

CORE Mobile walks you through the workflow of gathering the information necessary to complete an LOA. Your clients can even sign their LOAs right on the screen!

Try it out … it’s free. If you are a CORE client, your login and password are the same as your CORE credentials.

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