CORE | Retail Energy Marketplace

Online API-driven real-time retail energy transaction hub for deregulated energy market participants (brokers and suppliers). The only marketplace offering real-time custom pricing, credit, and straight-through contract execution, all via our CORE Marketplace Web App or a modern JSON API and mobile-friendly GUI.

A Digital Marketplace for Retail Energy

CORE Marketplace is a digital marketplace for suppliers and brokers to come together and efficiently execute a transaction. CORE Marketplace is open to all retail providers of deregulated energy products to any market.

Marketplace allows suppliers to enter requested quotes and update account credit status for accounts in which pricing has been requested.

XML or JSON?  You decide.

Our API supports both eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data formats.  We are language agnostic, so integrating with our API means you can use the tools of your choice and maybe even reuse the code you already have in place!

Custom Pricing or Matrix Pricing?

You decide.  Our API enables you to submit custom pricing to specific deals in the Marketplace or you can submit a detailed matrix from which Deals may “pull” prices as they meet that matrix’s specific detailed requirements.  CORE takes care of enforcing all the rules and making sure the Deal gets the price you want it to see.

How can I get involved?

Are you a Retail Energy Supplier and wnat to bid into CORE Marketplace?  Apply for an initial login here.

You can also log into CORE Marketplace here.