Maximize Your Retail Energy Sales Revenue

Are you getting 100% of your renewals? Are you getting paid 100% of your commissions? Are you maximizing Blend & Extend opportunities?

After you land that big energy deal, CORE takes over behind the scenes and estimates what payments you should receive and when you should receive them. CORE offers virtually unlimited options for supplier payment schedules.

50% on switch date and residual starting at contract midpoint? No problem! The Cash Flow Forecast report graphically shows you, by supplier, an estimate of your cash flow for each of the coming 12 months, based on those supplier payment schedules. We handle the heavy lifting so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours poring over spreadsheets.

Once the payments start rolling in, CORE facilitates the processing of posting supplier commission payments by providing a batch load process on the Record Payment Page. Through this process, you upload a file of payments and CORE posts those payments, even down to the meter, if you specify.

After the month’s payments have been uploaded, CORE’s reconciliation reports help you make sure you get paid everything you’ve earned. CORE offers several different reconciliation reports – you pick the mix that’s right for your business.

Fee Variance Report

 Reports payments in which the fee on the payment does not match the fee on the contract.

Payment Gap Report

Reports missing supplier commission payments.

Reconciliation Summary Report

Overview of your entire book of deals. For each deal, information includes how much you expected to receive versus how much you did receive, gross variance, estimated AR, and remaining forecast.

Reconciliation Detail Report

Gets down to the details for each deal. Color-coded fields highlight where usage and/or fee significantly deviates from forecast.

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