Shorten The Retail Energy Sales Cycle

What does it take to get Deals done faster?  How can you keep up?

Retail Energy Moves At Lightning Pace

The Retail Energy industry is a demanding and booming sector where complexity and high productivity co-exist; survival in this industry requires unparalleled attention to detail and ability to adapt rapidly to change.  More data, better data, faster data are all requirements to keep up in the industry.  A short sales cycle is critical when selling energy and CORE helps to shorten your sales cycle by giving you tools to gather prospect data, process LOAs, collect energy usage information, and help you capture renewals.

Imagine This …

Your website includes a link into CORE.  Your prospect clicks on the link, he enters his company, contact, and meter information, and checks a box to authorize an LOA. Behind the scenes, CORE creates an account, contact, and meter in the CRM, creates a digitally-signed LOA, and sends a request to the appropriate utility to gather 12 months of historical usage data. All that is done while you’re working on your leads, meeting with a client, or eating breakfast. CORE sends you an email when the usage comes back and the deal is ready for pricing. The sales cycle just got shorter!

If you don’t have a website, you can also send the link to a prospect to gather the information, save you time, and allow you to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Gathering Usage Data

Without a good tool, getting LOA’s to gather usage data can take up a lot of time. In CORE, you select an account, and select the appropriate LOA to generate and send. CORE populates the LOA and sends it to your client. When it is returned, CORE automatically sends a request for historical usage to the TDSP and the updates the meter with the data returned. Throughout the process, CORE keeps you up to date with email notifications each step of the way. Client approved LOA? Usage request sent? Historical usage received from Utility? — All notifications are sent to you to keep you informed.  The sales cycle moves along without your intervention!

Driving More Renewals

To keep the renewal process moving along efficiently, CORE gives you tools to alert your salespeople and reach out to your clients.

How are you doing with Customers?

CORE keeps you informed of upcoming renewals by highlighting those accounts on the My Sales Dashboard. You establish how many days in advance you want to be notified of upcoming renewals. When an account falls within that window, the account will be highlighted on the dashboard.  It includes all of the information you need to reach out to your clients and secure renewals on expiring contracts. If you’ve captured prospect information, it also reports any prospect reaching expiration on an existing contract AND reports any prospect with a strike price that falls at or below the price you can offer.
Customer Events allow you to instruct CORE to send a branded, tailored email to your clients when they approach contract expiration.  You determine how far in advance of expiration to send the email and the content of the email.
With My Sales Dashboard, the Renewal Report, and Customer Events, Renewals just got a lot easier!

Retail Energy Pricing

CORE can help you gain a crucial edge over the competition by automating and accelerating the process of gathering quotes and communicating them to your clients. More efficient pricing means a shorter sales cycle and leaves more time for developing your energy business.

One Click Automates Multiple Pricing Requests

CORE Pricing Request allows you to structure the deal, including your fee, and send pricing requests to all of the suppliers you choose – with one transaction. The email addresses are already established, so you just check the box next to the supplier contact and CORE does the rest. Our Pricing Templates let YOU customize the content of the email, including your logo and branding.
After the request is sent, you will see a list of the suppliers and be able to see which have responded and which have not.
Once you have collected your quotes, CORE presents the quotes in a standardized format, making direct comparisons between suppliers possible and easy.

Automatically Import Matrix Pricing

CORE gives you real-time matrix pricing for those deals that fall within the matrix parameters. You can create the deal, set your commissions, and select the price – all from one page.

CORE | Marketplace

CORE Marketplace was developed to help bridge the gap between brokers and suppliers and streamline the energy sales cycle.  CORE Marketplace allows your suppliers to enter quotes for you, which makes the sales cycle even shorter.  All of the quotes, whether entered by you or received through CORE Marketplace as displayed on one page, allowing you to compare and choose the quotes to present to your client.

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